Life is not a dress rehearsal. You don’t get a do over! Find your purpose through a facilitated LifePlan with Dr. Gary Ewen.

LifePlan™ is a two day, one-on-one process, with Dr. Ewen as your guide, where:

  • You gain clear perspective on your life.

  • You create your LifePlan™

  • You plan how to put it into action.

  • You are prepared & equipped with tools to renew you LifePlan™
  • Direction & Focus
  • Purpose & Peace
  • Hope & Clarity
  • A Life Strategy
  • Gain perspective on your life.
  • Discover your unique design.
  • Clarify your mission.
  • Create a plan to apply your discoveries.

Developed over 40 years, this process has helped over 3,000 people who have felt stuck.

Today, they live lives of purpose, passion, and impact.

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Dr. Ewen will use 19 proven tools to guide you into the 4 phases of the LifePlan™ process:

Lifeplan process by Patterson Center

How did LifePlan™ develop?

  • The Paterson Center’s history began with Thomas G. Paterson. Tom worked in corporate planning inside companies like Douglas Aircraft, IBM, and RCA. In 1970, Tom launched a new career as a consultant. Tom and his associate Ted Smith designed an innovative approach to planning that could accomplish clarity, alignment, and breakthrough in just two days.
  • The Paterson Center is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Their vision is to equip and cultivate a community of facilitators, using the Paterson Processes, to guide individuals and organizations toward clarity, breakthrough, alignment, optimal health and exponential results.
  • Dr. Ewen is fully certified by the Paterson Center as a LifePlan™ facilitator.

Where does the LifePlan™ take place?

  • Dr. Ewen facilitates some LifePlans™ at his home in Evergreen, Colorado. He and his wife, Kim are blessed with a beautiful home with an incredible view of the mountains. It is a very restful and relaxing location that affords space for privacy and reflection. It is also be possible for Dr. Ewen to travel to your location where the LifePlan™ would be facilitated in a local meeting/conference facility. Evergreen is just over an hour from Denver International Airport. You can rent a car and there is beautiful streamside lodging available.

What is the cost?

  • Please contact us for details of current pricing, which includes the LifePlan™ process, a playbook/software that contains all the charts and details of your plan.


For three days Dr. Ewen walked us through some of the most helpful tools of our marriage and  we crafted a life plan together based on our strengths, talents weaknesses. The Patterson Life Plan was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made as a couple and we are grateful for the diligent coaching we received.

Phil Chavanne

Prior to doing a LifePlan, I knew that I felt called to something bigger, but I was struggling to put words to those feelings.

The LifePlan helped provide me with clarity around my purpose and gave me a roadmap to pursue what I am passionate about.

Josiah Bussing - CEO Mountaintop Web Design

Prior to finishing Seminary, I completed my LifePlan with Gary. Since that time not a day has gone by that has been wasted.

My LifePlan experience helped me pursue what I am passionate about and for me it’s all about people.


A LifePlan retreat with Dr. Gary Ewen provided me an incredible opportunity to reflect on my past, evaluate the present, and explore my future which culminated in tears and aha moments that positively altered the direction of my life. Ewen’s life experiences, wisdom, and intentionality enhanced my ability to examine and develop a LifePlan that challenged me to reevaluate how I love my family, work, and community.


“I finished my life plan on a Saturday Evening with Gary. It was everything that I wanted and desperately needed. I woke up Sunday morning with a burden lifted, purpose, direction, and a plan.  God used this to speak to me. I know the path that is mine and what paths are not mine. This is not about someone fixing your life, but about YOU getting your thoughts out on paper and seeing who God has created you to be.”

Curtis • Founder & President, Sheep Creek Films

“Most people approach a life plan like counseling, they just want to show up and be told what to do but that doesn’t yield life change.  If you commit to the hard work, Gary will unlock the treasure of your life.”

Leslie Mellott - CEO LeoAdventures


Spend some time thinking through these statements. How do they resonate with where you’re at today?

  • I am looking for clarity on my life’s mission? Yes/No
  • I would love more balance and control in my life – Yes/No?
  • I want to feel like I am making my best contribution to the world – Yes/No?
  • I am looking for a clear vision of the future – Yes/No?
  • I want a plan to make that vision a reality – Yes/No?

If you answered “yes” to these statements, you would really benefit from going through the LifePlan™ process.