StratOp by Patterson Certified Facilitator
StratOp Organization Strategy Consulting Pathfinder Integration LLC

“Strategic Planning for businesses, churches & nonprofits”

Used by a range of organizations across America, from entrepreneurial startups to billion dollar companies.

  • StratOp™ gives you a 360° view of your organization.
  • With clear perspective, you will create a workable plan that aligns your entire team.
  • What takes other organizations 3 months, will take you just 3 days, as Dr. Ewen will guide you through 27 customized StratOp™ tools.
  • You will gain clear perspective on your organization, your product/service offerings, and your marketplace, and develop an action plan to help you succeed.
  • You will have a plan for tracking progress going forward, and for renewing and refining the plan as your marketplace changes.


StratOp™ is a customized, strategic system that will help your organization or church:

25 proven tools to guide your team into the 6 phases of the StratOp™ process:

  1. Perspective – where are we now?

  2. Planning – where are we headed?

  3. Action – what is important now?

  4. Structure – what form is needed for success?

  5. Management – how are we doing?

  6. Renewal – what must change?

StratOp Process by Patterson

StratOp™ is a system, not an event.

In order to properly guide your team through StratOp™, Dr. Ewen will spend between 3-10 days on site, during the course of a year.

1. StratOp™ Install & Launch

  • 3 days: Dr. Ewen guides you through the first 3 phases: Perspective, Planning, & Action.
  • 6-8 weeks: Your team formalizes your Action Initiatives and begins to address any Structure issues.
  • 2 days: Dr. Ewen helps you to “scrub” and dovetail your initiatives into a plan to be managed. Your StratOp™ plan is launched.

2. StratOp™ Management

  • 1 day each quarter: Dr. Ewen returns each quarter for a 1 day review. In the mean time, Dr. Ewen will coach and support your internal “StratOp™ Champion”.

3. StratOp™ Renewal

  • 2 days: At the end of the year, Dr. Ewen returns for 2 days to guide you through your annual StratOp™ renewal.
  • The client team works the plan (6-8 weeks).
  • 1 day: Your second quarterly review.

“At Kent Engineering, our people are our greatest resource. There are very few men I would trust training and engaging my team.  Dr. Gary Ewen is one of those men.

Gary is an elite systems thinker, strategist, teacher, and leader.  He understands the people side of organizational development and strategy better than anyone I have ever met.  We plan to utilize his expertise and teaching ability as much as possible as we continue to develop our people and team.”

Patrick Kent • President, Kent Engineering

“When I think about joint work with Dr. Ewen, I think about two things… focus and achievement. If there is anything that a leader will want for their organizational strategy, it is to follow it with focus and achievement. He brings an assurance that any issues will be sorted out and any problems can be addressed. Dr. Ewen understands that once a strategy is agreed upon, the next most important thing is to lay out a work sequence and couple it with regular, honest self-appraisal of results.  Another hallmark of Dr. Ewen’s work that stands out to me, is the backing he provides along the way of working through various issues and barriers that may emerge during a performance process. If you want to manage the future, give him a call!”

Ron Rex • Managing Partner, Synchrony


If you’re interested, we can help:

  • Get your whole team aligned around a single vision.
  • Equip the team to capture opportunities and maximize potential.
  • Create a customized plan to move everyone towards the vision.